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Years of experience in the markets
of Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the USA

Six years in this business made our company number one in Ukraine. We’ve worked out the most effective and profitable solutions for business management, which are absolutely free for our clients
For this purpose we have developed a special tool which allows us to not just sell equipment and send it to our customer, but also provide him with proven business tools, accessories, content and all the essentials for his successful work.

How we work

Wild Technology- is a separate division of our company which has been engaged in developing and manufacturing VR rides since 2011.
The main idea we follow developing our products is to be one step ahead of the usual entertainment, and to always answer “Yes” to the frequent question: “Is there anything new?”
The second version of the Oculus Rift was released in late 2014, and in winter 2015 we’ve already started working on its use in XRide – 360 .

We build our own network of rides on the basis of the equipment we produce.
The 1st ride was established in Ukraine in 2010, the 20th - in the USA.
This line also functions as our "laboratory": we are always in touch with our consumers. We know what they like and what they don’t, what kind of fun they feel like having today, and most importantly, what they are willing to pay for tomorrow.

Only after 5 years of hard work, we presented our product to your approval. We can safely say now that what you get is not just entertainment equipment, but time-tested, mobile, highly profitable business.
In 2014 Deep Hi- Tech Company has signed the contract for rides’ delivery to the USA. At the moment, our equipment works in many major cities, and the scope of cooperation stretches towards Europe and the former CIS countries.

Partner, not an opponent

We are interested in your success! Our company has passed the hard way and reached such heights that we can provide a great help in the development of your business and to share many years of experience with you.
Of course, we are talking about our 6-year experience, positive and not, in the entertainment industry, which has currently transformed into a single database of the most efficient solutions and optimal technology of business management.
Our experience can boost your profits by 50%.

You are guaranteed to get the following options, along with the equipment package:

Rating the installation
site’s potential

Training module
"Hiring and training
efficient staff "

Training module
"sales techniques"
(sales script)

Training module
"Effective marketing strategy"

Training module
"Controlling Fraud"

Training module
"Quality control service"

Additional earnings on
selling additional products

Common aim and common gains

Our goal

To help you in realization of your business in the sphere of rides of new generation and to provide you with a reliable partner for future network development.

Common gains

Our company manufactures equipment and develops 100% original content, which opponents can’t get. But as soon as you collaborate with us, you become the partner we are happy to support and to share our know- how with.

Our plan

To invent, implement and operate unique entertainment complexes using advanced technology of the industry.

Provide the opportunity of experiencing the most powerful emotions in the entertainment center in the shortest possible time.

To disclose the potential of VR systems by turning impossible into possible.

To provide high-quality "emotional" service for visitors, complying with company’s purpose and intention.

Our team


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Our gains

appreciation of what we do

Our gains

Grateful people

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Business plan

Business plan